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[K] GrederSorry everyone, domain expired today and cause outage for TS and website for a few hours, all fixed now, and back to normal, let me know if someone is experiencing any issues still.
Templar8899   created a new thread Just saying hey! in the Public General Forum forum
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[L] ArowenaOFFICER MEETING AT 6 CT!!!!!!!!!
[L] ArowenaThere are PVP, End Game PVE, World PVE, and Social Events posted on the web page. Signing up and attending will get you entered into the Member Raffle. I more events you sign up for and attend, the more virtual tickets you get.
[L] ArowenaALL officers absent from the mtg need to read notes and post that they have.
[K] GrederNew TS server is up and running, we'll have to redo the tags, so please take the time to log on and ask any officer to assign you a correct one.

Send me a mail if you encounter any problem with the new teamspeak or if i am on TS dint hesitate to poke me or come chat with me.

TS info:
[link] or [link]
no pass/port as usual
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[K] GrederTemporary TS Server is up and running, a permanent one will be up within a few days on a much better server/connection which is ordered and in process of being setup.
[K] GrederStill working on getting a new provider for our server, since its weekend it might take longer, I expect to find one and get it all setup by Sunday Evening/Monday morning.
[L] ArowenaGred is working on getting TS back up.
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